Monday, 29 December 2014

Blogs I’ve Loved in 2014

I spend a lot of time reading blogs. And I do mean a lot. My obsession with beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs turned into part of my job this year and it certainly has made me realise just how many amazing bloggers/writers/photographers there are. This year has been an amazing year for bloggers. When I first found Vivianna Does Makeup and Fleur De Force when I was at University, I was almost embarrassed to tell people what I was reading, fast forward 4 years and now so many bloggers are household names - my dad  even knows who Zoella is. Here are some of the blogs I've been reading religiously this year, I've got a mix of old favourites which I've been reading for years and some I've only discovered this year.

Best of Beauty

If you're a beauty addict you need to read these blogs. Although they all cover a similar topic, they're all so different and offer their own unique take on the world of beauty. And they know how to take a good photo.


These girls sure know how to put an outfit together! I'm more of a jammies and fluffy socks kinda gal myself but after finding these blogs this year, I've definitely found myself being more adventurous when trying on clothes and trying to take clothing inspiration from some of their looks.  

Hilariously Honest

These ladies are brutally honest, hilarious and massively relatable to a twenty-something recent graduate. 

Are there any other blogs I should be reading?


  1. Aww thank you so much Nikki!

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