Monday, 30 March 2015

Pinspiration - Fireplace Styling

 The living room in my new flat is a Pinterest addict’s dream. It has stained wooden floors, big white bay windows, high ceilings, original ornate coving and a gorgeous white fireplace. Last week our sofas and side tables finally arrived so the room is feeling a bit more put together and I’m really feeling as though it’s starting to take shape. We’ve stuck to a grey, blue and white colour scheme to keep the room looking clean and simple but homely. As much as I love Scandinavian design I think there’s always the risk that the room will feel a bit cold and clinical so this is something that I’ve been very aware of when I’m been trying to find inspiration on Pinterest(you can see my last living room post here).

Now the fireplace was always a feature I knew I would have fun styling. My dad and boyfriend spent last weekend hanging up a massive mirror. I have a serious thing about mirrors - I think they make a room look so much brighter. I bought a couple of cream hurricane candle holders in the Laura Ashely sale a couple of months ago and I’ve got a few Jo Malone candles waiting to be used from my Estee Lauder days (God I miss that discount). As always, I’ve been using Pinterest for inspiration and I definitely think I need something to vary the height a little bit. I’ve been toying with the idea of a white mantle clock – I’ve seen this one from Matalan. Although I love the cluttered look on Pinterest I don’t think it’s something that would work for me – I like to clean too much – so I’m going to have to play about with the fireplace to get the right balance.

What do you think? Any advice for styling a fireplace?

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  1. I'm addicted to pinterest too haha!