Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Workwear Pinspiration

If you follow me on Pinterest you might have noticed that lately I’ve been going a bit mental pinning workwear inspiration. I’ve recently started a new job, still in digital marketing but in a slightly more formal work environment, so I finally have a job that calls for business casual! Let me tell you, wearing jeans to work is great to start with but very soon every piece of clothing you own reminds you of work. What I love about office wear is that it really doesn’t need to be boring - I absolutely love printed trousers (as I’m sure you can tell from the image below) and throwing on a statement necklace or a pretty cardigan brightens up any look with minimal effort. So I’m not spending an absolute fortune I’ve been picking up a few bits here and there - New Look and Sainsbury’s are amazing for the likes of printed trousers and then when it comes to your daily staples (e.g. black trousers, cardigans etc) I don’t think you can go past Next. 

If you have any other suggestions for where to look please let me know! 

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