Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Moisture Mask for Oily Skin?

Until around 6 months ago, my skin would have been quite firmly in the oily skin category. Then something odd happened. I noticed that my skin was starting to feel tight after washing my face and I was starting to get some dry patches of skin on my forehead, yet around lunch time my skin was still looking as oily as ever.  I had to accept that my skin maybe didn’t like the constant stream of oil controlling cleansers and purifying masks and was starting to need some extra moisture. After reading Caroline Hirons talk about how people with oily skin shouldn’t avoid oil, I had a revelation. Not only did I start looking into facial oils (more on that later), I started looking into moisture masks thinking that this may help balance everything out. And of course, a perfect excuse to try some new face masks. 

moisture face masks

Now this mask is aimed at dry skin so it was a bit on the heavy side for my skin if I was applying the same amount as I would with any other mask (I probably use about double the amount necessary), however when I used a pea size amount for 5 minutes following a purifying mask the results were entirely different. My skin was left feeling plump and still felt clean. It has a lovely light, fruity smell and would be a great choice for people with normal/dry skin. As much as this didn't overwhelm my skin, I do only reach for this mask if my skin is feeling particularly dehydrated or if a little patch of psoriasis has popped up on my face. 

Origins Drink Up Mask

I’m very much in love with this mask. It’s designed for slightly more sensitised skin and has a lighter texture which means that it doesn’t feel heavy or feel like its clogging pores. I pop this on and leave it for 5-10 minutes then use a damp cotton pad to remove the excess; really you could just tissue this off though. It leaves my skin looking visibly nourished and not at all oily. It also has a lovely fresh smell which isn’t overwhelming - always a plus in my books. I mainly use this after a purifying mask but it still works perfectly on its own without breaking me out. It seems to be the perfect balance of a moisture mask which hydrates deeply but doesn’t overwhelm the skin.
The Avene Soothing Moisture Mask

What’s your favourite moisture mask?

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