Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop Top Picks

The Body Shop have been absolutely killing it with their offers lately. Last week they were offering £25 off with orders over £50, I went on to have a look at their exfoliators but ended up with a basket full. 

Shea Body Scrub £13 - These scrubs are fab. They smell amazing and they give a proper exfoliation without leaving the skin feeling raw. I’m really excited to try this to see if the Shea Butter variety offers a bit more hydration.

Shea Body Butter £13 - Believe it or not but I’m actually down to my last Body Shop Body Butter from this post. The Shea Body Butter is perfect for dry skin, it’s one that I favour mainly in the winter when my usually dry skin is even drier. 

African Honey and Beeswax Hands and Foot Butter £10 - I’ve heard Essie Button rave about this stuff and I certainly understand why. It’s super rich without feeling to sticky and leaves your hands and feel super soft. I’m already planning on repurchasing this and I’ve only been using it a week. It’s that good.

Body Brush £8 - I’ve heard so much about dry brushing but I’ve never tried it. After finishing Clarins Body Lift, I feel as though I’ve been missing something to help control the cellulite on my legs. When I don’t plan on getting my legs out any time soon I would grudge paying the small fortune for the usual lotions and potions so I thought this would be a good option. I’ve only been using this a week so I haven’t seen any difference with the cellulite but it certainly does well exfoliating. I’ll get back to you in a couple of weeks. 

No More Rough Stuff Foot Smoother £4 - I’m really not a big feet fan so without going into any gross details, this does exactly what you would expect it to and for £4, it’s reasonably priced.

Mango Shower Gel £4 - This was actually a random add on to take my order over £50, I’ve never tried shower gels from The Body Shop. I’m using Lush Snow Fairy just now so I haven’t tried this yet but it smells AMAZING. 

Have you tried any of these? Is there anything else I should try from The Body Shop?


  1. I love the body brush, I've been using it for a while and it does make a difference! xx