Thursday, 5 June 2014

Liebster Award Tag

Thank you lilliputianrose for tagging me!
Facts about me
1. I have an old english sheepdog called Skye
2. I used to work for Benefit
3. I originally went to uni to study English but switched to Marketing and Media
4. I'm allergic to guinea pigs 
5. I was nominated for biggest geek in high school (I was so disappointed that I didn't win!)
6. I love superhero films
7. Purple is my favourite colour and has been since I was a little girl
8. I still have chocolate from Easter hiding in my cupboard
9. I find clothes shopping stressful
10. I get far too obsessed with TV programmes. Right now, it's The Good Wife
11. I can't whistle


1.Who are your favourite 5 bloggers? 

The Sunday Girl
One of the first blogs I started following a long, LONG time ago. She’s always the first to know about fab new launches and I love how you can just tell she loves blogging. Adrienne regularly updates her blog, so there's always something new and exciting to read.  

We Were Raised By Wolves
Such a great mixture of posts. Evelyn writes about such a great range of products and I love how it’s not just hyped up blogger products. Always very creative with her posts and her book recommendations are always on point - I tend to find myself on Amazon when her monthly book lists goes up.   

Jenny’s photography is always absolutely stunning and her posts are honest and beautifully written. One of my favourite posts is Jenny’s 5 Skin Care Rules - I wish I could have handed out copies of this when I worked for Lauder - it would have saved me a lot of frustration! I love how honest Jenny is, and I find that fact that her blog is only 1 year old and already so successful extremely inspiring. Jenny's definitely my blogging role model 

The Private Life of a Girl
I wish I was as stylish as Sophie! Her makeup and fashion posts are beautiful and inspiring without being fussy. I love how Sophie knows her own style – something I definitely need work on.     
I sometimes use Kate’s blog to make shopping lists. I love Gh0stparties, my bank balance doesn’t. I seem to have quite a similar skin type to Kate, so I found quite quickly that the skin care products she recommends work well on my skin. So thank you Kate! You’ve definitely saved my skin on more than one occasion!

2.What's your favourite blog post you've written so far?

I've only written a handful of posts but so far my favourite is the one about my time at Estee Lauder. I probably did go on about the discount too much (it really is beautiful though) - but it's something I get asked about a lot and hopefully it might help someone who is considering their first step into working on a cosmetics counter.  

3.What's your dream job?

Working in the marketing department for Estee Lauder. 

4.What's your next blog post going to be? 

Prom/Grad Ball make up ideas. Earlier today I done my sister's makeup for her 6th year prom, so I thought it help be helpful to write about the products I used and some little tips. 

5.You are stranded on a desert island; name 3 people you'd want to be stuck with...

Hugh Laurie - the man of my dreams
Jennifer Lawrence - for the entertainment
A survivalist 

6.You're granted three wishes but whatever you wish for will disappear or change back in a weeks time, what do you wish for?

To attend Hogwarts. I don't really feel an explanation is necessary
To be able to eat what I want without gaining weight
To live with Johnny Depp

7. Favourite item in your makeup kit?

My mac palette. It's just so pretty.

8. What are you excited for summer wise?

Holidays! I'm off to Portugal in August. I'm really looking forward to spending a week just relaxing and drinking cocktails. 

9. Why did you create a blog?

I'd wanted to start a blog for a long time but I was never sure about whether I would actually be committed enough or if I would have the time to post regularly. I felt that leaving the beauty industry was the perfect time to give it a try as it would keep me active in the beauty community (And I was probably looking for an excuse to try more products).  

10. Who will you nominate? 

The blogs I've been reading today -

1. Why did you create a blog?
2. Who are your favourite bloggers?
3. What is your most repurchased product?
4. Who is your style icon?
5. Can you remember the first piece of make up your purchased? If so, what was it?
6. Skincare or makeup?
7. If you could only buy cosmetics from one brand, which one would it be?
8. Best piece of beauty advice?
9. Where is your favourite place in the world?
10. Do you have any blogging advice?
11. Who will you nominate?


  1. Hi Nikki, thanks so much for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I would love to accept it; do you have a list of 11 questions for me to answer? x

    1. I do :) I've posted to your page and updated :) Look forward to reading your answers! x

    2. Here's my post for the Liebster Award. Thank you again for the nomination :)

  2. Congrats on the award... Found your blog via bbloggerschat yesterday and I'm really enjoying it.

  3. Aww thank you very much :) I'm a newbie to blogging so it's great to know that you're enjoying it :) x