Friday, 8 August 2014

Gotta love Essie Blanc

Essie Blanc

I’ve always been an Essie Fiji fan but for the past few months I’ve found myself picking up Essie Blanc instead. When I originally bought this I remember thinking that I’d be able to wear it with everything. Certainly white does go with everything but in reality I find it looks a little too modern for the type of thing I wear every day (I’m a floral dress lover - I like to channel either a toddler or a granny). I do think that this is is a great option if you’re after something a little brighter and more modern for the summer and it certainly hasn’t stopped me popping this on every other week or so. It goes on opaque but I find myself using 3 coats to make sure there are no streaks. As always with Essie, I find the staying power great. I get a good 5 days before it starts to look a little worn.

What do you think of white nail polish? 


  1. I haven't heard anything about this nail polish but I love the name and it looks great on you! I was thinking of getting Essie's fiji but maybe this one too :P

    Every Day In Grace

    1. They are really similar! Fiji is such a good all rounder :) x

  2. I am currently looking for a white nail polish and this looks great! Also an essie lover here!

  3. Surprising stunning, I love this. Officially adding it to my buy list.
    Also what a beautiful blog you have here x

    Holley Marie

  4. Replies
    1. It is! It's such a nice change :) x