Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Philip Kingsley Trail Packs - Marks and Spencer's Little Secret

I’m about to go on holiday and was having a bit of a dilemma about what to do about shampoo and conditioner. The psoriasis on my scalp has been flaring up recently so I knew that Aussie (my usual go-to holiday shampoo and conditioner) wouldn’t cut it. After a recent trip to Marks and Spencer’s to stock up on Philip Kingsley Flakey Itchy Scalp Shampoo, I came across the Philip Kingsley Trial Packs. They have 6 sets Body & Volume; Pure Silver; Take Comfort; Smooth & Shiney; Body & Shine and Soft & Shiney. Each with a different combination of Philip Kingsley shampoos, conditioners and treatments. 

Take Comfort Philip Kingsley Trial Pack

The one that caught my attention was Take Comfort which contains 60ml of Flakey Itchy Scalp Shampoo, Moisture Balance Conditioner and 75ml of Flakey Itchy Scalp Toner - the perfect option for someone with a sensitive scalp. The sizes are perfect for a week long holiday and I’m really excited about trying the Scalp Toner. The rest of the sets contain a 40ml tube of Elasticizer, which is one of my favourite hair treatments. 

If you’re looking for hair products to take on holiday, or you’re new to Philip Kingsley, these are a great option. 

Are you a Philip Kingsley Fan?


  1. I love little packages like this! I haven't heard of this brand before but I like how they have different kinds of sets!

    Every Day In Grace

  2. It's a great option if you're new to the brand! x