Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Summer Nails

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with different nails colours. Whether you’re the queen of pink, love a bit of purple or go for simple neutrals, hopefully I’ll have something for you to try.

The Blues

Blue Nail Polish

Until recently, I’ve always been a bit scared of blue nail polish - I’m 22 going on 80 sometimes (most of the time). Nails Inc Queensgate Terrace (R) is described as a cornflower blue whereas Ciate Pepperminty (L) is more of a minty turquoise colour (reminds me of Essie’s Mint Candy Apple). Both are great options if you fancy channeling your inner Queen Elsa.

The Purples

Purple Nail polish

I looooove purple. In Autumn/Winter, purple and berry toned polishes barely leave my nails. Ciate Sugar Plum (L) and Main Stage (R) are the perfect purples for summer. Main Stage is more of a pinky purple whereas Sugar Plum is a gorgeous pastel lavender tone. 

The Oranges

orange nail polish

Embrace the it colour this summer! I have Essie’s Fifth Avenue (L) (which I've spoken about here)if you’re looking for more of an orange/red or Ciate Hopscotch (R) if you’re committing to the bright orange trend. Both give a pop of colour while staying in the classic nail colour zone. These are both colours that I’ve using a lot on my toes lately.

The Pinks

pink nail polish

You can’t go wrong with pink nails. If you’re more of a traditional nail colour type of gal these are perfect. Essie Watermelon (L) is quite possibly my favourite nail polish of all time (bold statement, I know). The bright pink colour goes with everything and the stays on my nails for a good 4/5 days. If you’re looking for something a bit more in the pinky coral range, Nails Inc Brook Street (R) the one for you. 

The Neutrals 

white nail polish

I always think neutral nails look so clean and polished. Essie’s Fiji (L) and Blanc (R) are two of my favourite neutral nail colours. Fiji is a creamy pastel pink which I always think just looks so ladylike on the nails. Blanc is a beautiful opaque white (which requires a steady hand). 

What are your favourite summer nail colours?


  1. You have a gorgeous nail varnish collection hun the colours are all so beaut:)