Monday, 21 July 2014

Holiday Hair - Controlling the Frizz

I have a guest post over on Lipgloss and Lashes, I thought I would share it over here too!

Remember that episode of Friends where Monica goes to Barbados and her hair practically explodes? My hair is naturally like that. Not in a cute, naturally curly kind of way - think more Merida from Brave. No joke. I’m Nikki from Nikki and Things and I have large hair. I’ve put together a little list of how I fight the frizz and hopefully this might help if you too get Monica hair on holiday.

1. Smooth it
Over the years, through trial and a lot of error, I’ve managed to find some products which help control my hair. Or as my old flatmate used to say, “help tame the beast”. These types of products are perfect on holiday where the humidity can wreck havoc on even the most well behaved hair. After washing my hair, I comb through a 2p sized amount of oil to the lengths of my hair. For my naturally dry, frizzy hair, I find that using a slightly thicker oil is best as it almost weighs the lengths down. Redken Diamond Oil Intense and L’OrĂ©al Mythic Rich Oil  are two of my favourites for this. If your hair isn’t as naturally frizzy as mine the original versions are lovely and won’t leave your hair looking oily. After I’ve dried and styled my hair (thank goodness for GHDs), I use Tigi Bedhead Headrush Shine Spray ( on the lengths, taking great care to avoid the top of my hair roots as it can leave hair looking oily and weighed down. I first bought this spray when everyone wanted glossy, poker straight hair but I’ve since found that it acts as a really good finishing spray and works really well in humidity. 

fighting frizz

2. Restrain it
If you’re more the get up and go type of girl, the pineapple is a classic and takes next to no time. I love this when I’m lazing about by the pool or lying on the beach on holiday as it keeps everything off my face so my hair isn’t getting covered in suncream and sweat (I know, horrible image, I’m sorry). I’m also very aware of how much heat I use on my hair and if your hair is anything like mine in humidity, any style will be long gone by the end of the night let alone the following day. One of the good things about frizz is the natural texture it gives your hair - think more mess and better staying power. To make things even bigger, I like Ojon Hydrating Volumising Foam it gives hair a bit of a boost and injects a bit more moisture into the ends. Just run a pump of mouse through the lengths of your hair, give your hair a bit of a scrunch and leave to air dry. Or if your hair needs a bit more help on the texture front, Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Holding Foam is great for giving your hair a bit more curl, just take care not to use too much as this one can go a bit crispy. After that, all you need is to twist your hair up into a bun, secure with a bobble and some kirby grips and pull out for a messier, fuller look. 

3. Embrace it
Alternatively, you can always embrace the volume. Just add some texturising products (it helps make it look like that was the look you were going for) like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray or Bumble and Bumble BB Texture Creme, leave to air dry, then ruffle up the roots with Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finishing Spray. The weight of the products will give some hold and prevent your hair from looking fluffy while helping create natural waves. You could add a pretty hair band, or try your hand at a Pinterest plait through your fringe and you’re good to go.  

Do you have any hair care secrets to fight the frizz on holiday?

Becky was so kind for giving me a spot on her blog while she's on holiday. I've read Becky's blog for a long time, she has such a great variety of posts and her photography is always beautiful!

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