Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sales make me happy - ASOS, Warehouse and Topshop

I love sales. I especially love online sales where you avoid people pushing, messy rails and the sheer disappointment when you see the most amazing dress but can’t find your size. Last month I found myself struggling to find anything in my wardrobe to suit the sudden hint of summer we seen in Scotland - I’m a jumper and jeans kind of girl - so when the sales started I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to pick up a few things to inject a bit of colour and some summer clothes into my wardrobe. 

Warehouse orange top - £12 from £28
Topshop Gingham Cigarette Trousers - £25 from £42

ASOS Skater Dress - £11 from £28

Pink Warehouse top - £12 from £28

ASOS Heart Print Cami - £8 from £15

Yellow Warehouse Dress - £30 from £50

ASOS Kimono - £30 (ok, this one wasn't on sale but it's really pretty)

ASOS Kimono - £15 from £30

I'm far from a fashionista - I know that. I love reading fashion magazines and blogs but when it comes to dressing my self I'm always very safe and stick to what I know suits my shape (or at least what I feel suits my shape), so if you have any of your own fashion posts or recommendations I'd love to read them. This is adventurous for me! 

Have you managed to nab any good bargains in the sales?


  1. sales are the best! although I've spent way too much money in them this year hah, the Topshop one was my fave! would love if you could check out my fashion blog :)


  2. I LOVE your kimonos! I managed to grab a long sleeved oversized shirt and a jumper in the Topshop sale (great for summer obviously?) but I always get bored of trawling through the sale! I love a bargain but I'm so easily bored! Haha!

    I'm over at Flores Y Moda if you fancy a cheeky read! x

  3. Me too! I'm more of an online sale shopper than in store. I'm like a toddler, I end up getting grumpy haha

    I will do! Thanks :) x

  4. Sales are awesome, I think they make everyone happy^^. Love what you've bought esp. the kimonos and the yellow dress. Such a beautiful colour.

  5. Love sales. Spent too much lately though. Had to literally walk through town centre with tunnel vision today not to get lured in by anything xxx