Wednesday, 2 July 2014

How to Survive T in the Park

I’m by no means seasoned festival goer but I have went to T in the Park a couple of times and surprisingly I made it home without any major breakdowns (mud/urine/camping aren’t really my thing). I think going to a festival is something that needs to be done and for many, it’s a right of passage. For any festival, being organised is key. Especially if you’re camping. Yes, there are vendors who have most of the essentials so if you do forget anything, don’t panic (although their definition of essential is massively different from mine - hello skin care). If you’re going to T for the first time, I will just warn you that the walk from the drop off points to the camp site is horrific, so I would seriously consider how much you can actually carry. 



1. Take a jacket
Although everyone wants to look fashionable, the temperamental weather in the UK is something that needs to be considered. A light, waterproof jacket with a hood which can be thrown on if it rains, but can be folded away into a bag if it’s hot is essential. New Look and Primark are perfect for this as they’re pretty inexpensive. Chances are it’ll get covered in mud anyway. 

2. Avoid jeans
If you get wet, they’re heavy and take an age to try. If it’s sunny, you’ll get too hot. Dresses etc are light to pack and easy to wear. 

3. Waterproof footwear
Hunter wellies definitely are an investment, but oh my goodness, they are comfortable. I bought mine 5 years ago and they’re still immaculate, even after a couple of festivals/having a horse/crazy snow/general Scottish weather. If you’re looking for something purse friendly, be aware of how long you’ll be wearing them each day. You’ll be standing a lot. 


1. f you’re going to overpack anything, make sure it’s hand sanitiser. 

2. Pack light
Unless you get a Refresh Band (which was the key to my survival), you have much access to running water other than the taps spread across the campsite. In terms of skin care, micellar waters are great. Pack some micellar water, lots of cotton pads, moisturiser and a good SPF. It’s tough, but a few days won’t kill you. 

3. Babywipes and suncream
Classic festival essentials.


1. Take black bags
You’ll need them for bringing clothes home. And they’re handy to sit on.

2. Don’t just take alcohol. 
Being hungover at a festival does not sound appealing to me in the slightest. I always took capri sun, they’re easy to pack and don’t taste horrible if they’re slightly warm. 

3. It can be an expensive weekend.
Take some cash. There will be cash points but chances are the queue will be crazy and/or they will charge a fortune to withdraw money. Like everything else.

Yes, I used to be blonde

And of course, have fun! There's such a great atmosphere at festivals and everyone is always really friendly. Just remember, if something cold lands on you, you're fine. If it's warm, you're not...

What are your festival tips?


  1. Great post - the micellar water tip is a great one! I've never been to a festival but find it hilarious when people end up looking like drowned rats in floral crowns in photos x

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  3. great post! very helpful
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  4. Great post. I would consider myself a seasoned festival goer and all the essentials have been covered!