Sunday, 27 July 2014

Party Holiday Makeup Essentials - From Dippy Writes

Here is my third instalment on Dippy Writes -

For a clubbing holiday, it’s all about night time. Chances are you’ll spend your day lazing by the pool (possibly hungover), then be off to get down with your bad self at night (I’m sorry, I just at myself too). With the heat, humidity and all the boogying you’ll be doing, I think the key will be a combination of products that will see you through the early hours, so hopefully my selection of long wearing products will help!

For base, I’ve went with something with a little more coverage than my previous posts. Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light is a gorgeous medium coverage foundation which will help brighten and even out skin tone to keep you looking fresh every night and with that little bit more coverage you’re covered it you get a booze fuelled break out. Although the foundation does have an SPF, it’s photo stable so you won’t end up looking like a ghost in photos. And of course, the Double Wear range is known for it’s amazing staying power. For cheeks, I’d take Estee Lauder’s Star Bronzer. The one I have was from a couple of years ago, but they bring out a similar type of product every year. This is perfect for adding a bit of definition to the cheeks or to add some warmth all over. 

To maximise dancing time, a smokey eye will be cause less drama than a bold lip. No need to worry about touching up after all those cocktails. To keep everything bright and to make everything last that bit longer, Nars Eyeshadow Primer is my lid base of choice. This is amazing, it’s the only eyeshadow primer that actually makes a difference on my oily lids. Benefit’s Smoking Eyes Kit is a great all-in-one product as it has all you need for a simple grey smokey eye as well as a brow wax and a milky pink gel for keeping those eyes looking bright. The instructions that come with the product are great - all you do is use the light pink on the brow bone, cover the lid with the medium grey, then line with the black. Or if you like something a bit more dramatic you could dap your brush into the grey and the black to mix then blend into the crease. To finish off the eyes, Lancome Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara is perfect. It gives a gorgeous wide eyed look and the waterproof formula means you won’t need to worry about panda eyes. Even after a foam party.

To finish everything off, pop on a light peachy pink lipstick or gloss. I love Estee Lauder’s Hint of Peach. It’s a gorgeous creamy texture which hydrates the lips and the colour is such a pretty peach colour. Perfect to balance out that smokey eye. 

Do you have any other party holiday suggestions? 


  1. ooh lovely picks!

    from helen at

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  2. I really love the Estee Lauder bronze goddess range! Never tried the bronzer but the lip glosses and the perfume smells incredible:)


    1. I love the perfume! Definitely my favourite summer fragrance x